A fine day in the city

Last Sunday my brother and sister visited me. We rarely spend time together, face to face, so I was super delighted to make this little afternoon happen. We had a fun time of reminiscing, talking about what we’re up to, about future plans and just goofing around. We ventured the city and I couldn’t help but snap some pictures.

Usually when my brother or sister have time to come to Amsterdam I take them to a nice Cantonese restaurant or something Korean (BBQ) or Japanese. We all really enjoy different Asian cuisines. But this time, since we were reunited after quite sometime we tried something different. Ever heard of SLA? It’s a super healthy restaurant that serves, well, salads. No worries, as you can see we got some fro-yo and waffles too.

I adored the meal though. I had the ‘marinated Egmondse goatcheese’ salad. The bowl was filled with corn salad, spelt, tomato, aubergines, pumpkin, pecan nuts, almonds and olives too. It was heaven, especially because you know it’s kind of really healthy. My drink was unbelievably good too. It was juice made from carrot, sweet potato, ginger and lemon, with some chia seeds. I felt mighty good after that one.
After the meal we talked a bit, and walked back to Central Station because my brother still had a 2,5 hour journey home. And I know you’ll read this, so thanks guys for the awesome day!

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