April: Stress Awareness Month (part 1)

Up to a week ago, I’ve actually never heard of this. To be honest with you, I’m not very up to date with all these days and months… It was only because of Tumblr I knew it was Earth Day a couple days back. Tumblr!! But that being said I thought I’d write (rant!) a little thing or two on this stress awareness thing. But do know this is no cry for help or anything, I’m doing better and better myself so I just want to raise a little awareness to how severe stress can be.
I’m an idiot. If you’ve been reading my blog you know by now (but then again, I think everyone is an idiot at heart). But I am a proper idiot, because not only am I aware of the fact that I get easily stressed out and I easily get head/neck-aches because of stress. I also “think” this is “ok” because my grandmother was too and some other (far) relatives are/were too. Well, bullshit. I’ve been thinking for far to long that this was part of who I am as a person. But the thing is, that’s not true. But first things first: sometimes, stress is necessary but too much stress affects you and not in a good way. To me, worry and stress are very closely related. I’m not too sure how you guys experience this, and I haven’t done proper/official research on this. But I’d like to tell you a little tale/rant from my point of perspective. I know, this isn’t something I’d normally do, but it’s close to the heart and I feel I need to put this out there.
If something is wrong, fix it if you can. But train yourself not to worry. Worry never fixes anything.
Ernest Hemingway (the genius)
For some reason it’s only since this week that I finally truly realised that worry and stress are really all in my own control. And according to one of my favourite films ever: “it’s all in the mind”. Which is true. It is so painfully true. Worry is imagination misplaced, stress is just too much worry and there is quite a powerful antidote really. Self-compassion. So not feeling sorry for yourself, and no self-indulgence. We have to be kind to ourselves. We have to realise exactly what we worry about. And we have to put things in perspective. And we have to write things down. And we just have to smile and realise that we have to do our best, and relax every once in a while. Truly relax.
And you might think, well duh, Louise! We could’ve figured this out ourselves too. But maybe that’s the thing. We all have to figure this out. I actually am still figuring things out as I’m writing this post. One of the reasons I got the feeling I’m getting more and more aware of (my) stress is because of this Youtube video by Lindy from Bubzbeauty. And I recommend those of you severely struggling with stress (like I do) to watch it. Stress is real. And it can have real impacts on your life.
I like to end on a little corny or cheesy note. But I guess I’ll just put in a little song that (almost) always helps me relax even for the tiniest bit. And I hope you’ll take a moment to just sit back and be kind to yourself too.

(also, I’d really like to know if you know what film I am referring to).

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