Poffertjes, a former Queensday treat

From this year on we don’t have a queensday anymore. Last year the queen (who is epically called ‘Beatrix’) stepped down from the throne and let her son give it a go. So a few weeks ago we celebrated Kingsday. Not that we don’t have a queen, I mean… he has a woman you know. But all these events are crazy and though I prefer Queensday, I don’t really care. My family and I have been coming down for some celebratory ‘poffertjes’ anyway. A little tradition we’ve been trying to continue since I was a little kid.

The place we go down to is a temporary one that’s every year in a little, posh town near Amsterdam. I quite prefer not to do any queens/kingsday stuff, and especially not in Amsterdam because everyone is really loud and drunk and orange. Anyway, the place is very old and is becoming a slightly more beaten up every year. But it has the best poffertjes in the world. (Poffertjes are a Dutch treat, something like really small, sweet-ish pancakes you eat with a lot of powdered sugar and a bit of butter to keep it moist enough. You should try it sometime if you get the chance.)

Oh and for real, would I ever pass up the chance to get some old school lemonade? Never!
Do you guys have any random traditions on yearly public holidays?

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