The Best of the Internet #11

That moment when you are feeling so many feelings, you don’t know what to feel anymore. Summer weather has kicked in early this year. Last Sunday it was my father’s birthday so I made sure to enjoy the glorious weather and the company. Spending time with family is always nice, right? Plus, my brother made a glorious cake, as some of you may already have seen on instagram.

Weather-wise I know I shouldn’t complain… but my apartment isn’t really build to stand the heat, so I try to be home as little as possible. But, as I got several papers and assignment due this week, and home is pretty much where I can focus (and have wifi connection)…I’m a bit screwed? As I’m typing this, I feel a bit roasted. After my deadlines are due, the weather forecast doesn’t look that great…so, hey, yes! Just my luck. Anyway, I feel like I haven’t done these in a while, so here is my little list of links. Make sure you check out at least the first one. Thought it was hilarious/brilliant.

Lettice Rose Rowbotham. Need I say more. I’m not really that into talent shows and whatever, but sometimes Youtube gives some very good suggestions.

Some good news for OkGo fans like me: new album is coming! And here is a little single that just came out.

A little graphic on how fast Internet took over the world. I’m always intrigued by these kind of things.

You can think people who follow lists like these are ‘boring’ or any of the likes. But I’m really inspired by this one. I don’t know if it’s typically this time of my life that I should be thinking about how I want to live it, but I am really thinking about these things… rather then just doing what is “expected” of me from society.

Sony does some pretty good advertisement in my opinion. These are some pictures of the “behind the scenes” of the video (listed at the bottom of that page).

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