I recommend you to put this one on full screen. My friend shared this with me this morning and it kind of made my day. I love this tribute as I find it’s so… View Post

  It’s been a while since I last shared my favourites. So I’ll start with the best, again here’s Tom Rosenthal because his music speaks to my soul and he has great music videos. Like…… View Post

SUMMERTIME! Or at least, daylight saving time! The sun comes up when I leave home for work, and is still up when I get home! The magic of spring! And why yes, I am way… View Post

I haven’t been updating my favourites recently, but there are definitely some places on the internet I would like to give some love. Tomorrow the last internship of my studies start, and I have just… View Post

  Talking about absolutely awesome stuff. Here is, mostly to apologise for my recent absence from the blogosphere and general neglection of my blog and my Japan posts (I’m sorry guys), an absolute dream of… View Post

A bit of procrastination wouldn’t hurt right? – I’m currently having a really good week for my thesis, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite things of the last few weeks of the… View Post

Hi friends! I decided it’s time for another round of link love of the previous month. After looking through my last favourite finds on the internet there’s definitely a theme going on. I’d recommend all… View Post

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