raspberries and pie

Autumn is upon us! Next weekend we’ll be having ‘fall backwards’, as the daylight saving time comes to an end. That’s one of the true signs winter is creeping in on us. Let’s start with what October brought us… or what I would prefer to call it ‘Octoberfuntober’ for no particular reason…

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ld hiroshima

Hurrah!! It’s the last instalment of my previous trip to Japan during autumn 2014, it’s been too long. I really don’t know how the time in between got by so fast. Am I really that much of a ‘lazy blogger’!? I think I should get my priorities straight next time. YES, NEXT TIME! (dun dun dunnnnn!)

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September was a busy month. I was being in jobs, in between jobs and getting a new job all in the course of 4 weeks. It was weird. But also a really nice month, we had visitors over from Japan and lots of meet-ups with friends (thanks Marie!). And here is one of those days. My ‘uncle’ from Japan came over and we had a little family day, playing tourist in The Hague and Delft and then went for some homey Japanese food at my favourite place to go. Not too many pictures were taken, as we sort of did a home-made Vermeer tour, and art was what we were looking at. But let’s go!

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I really should make an effort in not being a Debby Downer when I blog. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s the thesis-stress, maybe it the post-travel feelings… but I don’t feel so wonderful. Here are pictures of my little break from last Saturday when my family and I got together up north for my brother’s gf Irene pre-birthday.

We had a jolly good time. Walking through the woods (like ‘old times’) and making (and eating) gyoza at night, finishing up with a homemade matcha roll cake. Ruben, being the darling brother he is, also gave me some sachets of houjicha etc. so I could make my own brew of ice-tea for during my tedious thesis-writing.

Thanks for the good day! – Also, my Japan posts will commence soon, I promise!


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A few weeks ago my brother and his girlfriend invited us to have some dinner at their fancy new place. They like cooking, and well, I really like eating their food, no joke. They are slowly turning me into a vegetarian every time I eat there, and I love it.

Irene, my brother girlfriend, has the cutest Pip tableware. It’s a sort of hype among my friends I think… everyone owns it, but in a different colour or pattern. Food-wise we got a blue stilton broccoli soup, from a recipe of I think it was Nigella (but I can be wrong). And a great, great salad with potatoes (really nice ones, their name I forgot), salmon and some kind of horseradish sauce (reason #3 why I shouldn’t make a food blog). To be honest, I’m still ushering Irene to pick up a food blog, because really… who wouldn’t want this?

This little masterpiece was for my dad’s birthday. The weird size we blame on the wrong cake pans, but the taste was om-nom-nom. I will certainly keep you guys posted on if (and then when) Irene will start a blog!