It’s time for some positive reinforcement. Life is tough, shit happens, yadda yadda yadda. ‘The School of Life’ is still my go-to when, even though I’m feeling fine, the anxiety feels take over bit by bit. Hereby I am saying “Well done!” to myself, and to you my dear reader. It’s finally spring! We did it! We survived another winter in this crazy world of ours.

Hey you, honeybody! I’ve got some tunes that have made my days so so so much better lately. Between you and me, that’s quite a feat. And since music is pretty much a big chunk of my life (ohhh, all dem emotions!) I figured that sharing music would basically be sharing about life. And that’s kind of what I wanted to do more since I last wrote my resolutions for this year. So here goes!

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Ever since forever I like the idea of real-life background music. Since it’s not really an option to have your earphones plugged in during conversations, work and daily life things. So we’ll have to do with tunes that transport you back to a specific moment in life. I can’t really believe the last time I did a post like this was in 2014. But oh well, if you’re feeling adventurous you can re-visit that here.

Right now I am hiding a bit from the world in my sisters’ apartment in my favourite city in the country (The Hague). And while I am working really hard to get myself a job, it’s nice to have some time on my hands now. I enjoy the sound of a barking dog around 11 pm, while I feel a bit of the chill summer night air on my skin. And these accompanying tunes are just brilliant right now. Next week I will turn 24, which sort of means that I should by now be a fully functioning grown-up who deals with life and stuff. Those realisations always make me feel a bit like a five-year-old-trapped-in-a-20-year-old-body, if you know what I mean?

So it’s a bit of a random mix… but these are nice tunes that will remind me of this summer and this moment for sure. I am a bit of a downer sometimes with music… so ehr… yeah. As ever, I love the Burberry Acoustic Channel, they pick great talents and I love the acoustic performance. I also like the musical-talents of Dodie Clark and (as you may know by now) Tom Rosenthal.


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When things involve intricate little machines and funky tunes, I’m usually interested. While I’m packing for 3 months (how do people do this?!) I am putting in this little hiatus for ‘best of the internet’-post for a couple of months. I probably won’t be much of a help with sharing ‘the best’ of ‘the internet’ (according to me) when I’m hardly ever online. I am also taking this opportunity to announce that I’ll probably be doing things a little different around here soon, I will still post as I’ll bring my ancient macbook with me to Japan. But I’m not too sure on how much and what exactly I’ll be sharing as time-behind-the-computer is going to be limited.

Oh this trip is going to be mind-blowing. Let’s see if I’ll be a completely new person in 3 months?
I hope your Easter was as lovely as can be – and much less stormy than here in Holland. Until soon, folks!