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During my trip and over the summer I finally got to catch up and do some reading. It was one of my resolutions for this year, and it totally worked out, so here I am… ready to share some great titles I got to go through so far this year.

It’s autumn that I really associate with taking time to read, while it’s getting colder and stromy-er outside and you’re getting warmer and cosy-er inside the house. I’ve always been really sure that spring is my favourite season… but I guess the 100-ish days before Christmas (and especially the 50-ish or so before) are my favourite time of year. Last week I announced to everyone I saw (ok…almost everyone… I knew?)that it was only 100 days before Christmas. Ohhhh-yeah, let the countdown begin!! But first, let’s talk books!

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September was a busy month. I was being in jobs, in between jobs and getting a new job all in the course of 4 weeks. It was weird. But also a really nice month, we had visitors over from Japan and lots of meet-ups with friends (thanks Marie!). And here is one of those days. My ‘uncle’ from Japan came over and we had a little family day, playing tourist in The Hague and Delft and then went for some homey Japanese food at my favourite place to go. Not too many pictures were taken, as we sort of did a home-made Vermeer tour, and art was what we were looking at. But let’s go!

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I promise, I’m almost through with these posts, haha. – On this day we went for a road-trip to Kure and just a lovely ride through the countryside. My Japanese family has a little family home in the countryside where they raise crops and have a little bamboo grove. Things you can only dream of when you walk around in the big cities in Japan. It was so nice to have a change of scenery – even though Hiroshima is quite green and nature-y with all it’s rivers and mountains. It was time for a breather in between all my thesis research. A well deserved break, because even though I thought it was wonderful; the days I spend in the archives of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park were quite exhausting (and maybe even traumatizing to see, hear and read all the bad things that people had to go through at the time of the atomic bomb). But that’s for another post, here’s to the happy!! Let’s go!

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