It’s been a while since I last shared my favourites. So I’ll start with the best, again here’s Tom Rosenthal because his music speaks to my soul and he has great music videos. Like…… View Post

  Trying to break the radio silence for a bit…only a few weeks left until graduation – hopefully. I hope you’re having a wonderful spring so far. Here’s a bit of new Mumford & Sons… View Post

So hello, this is a short break from my unannounced hiatus. Things are a bit too much at the moment, but I just missed blogging too much just this instant and since I got my… View Post

Because sometimes you don’t need a profound message and soothing melodies, but fun lyrics and a bloody brilliant music video. I don’t know if Tom Rosenthal is or isn’t hipster according to your tastes, but… View Post

Hi Friends! Me, oh my, it’s been too long again. Thank you for all your kinds words on my previous posts. I thought it’d be time for a little update on life and things. My… View Post

Because Orange Caramel doesn’t fail to make me smile again. Who’s up for a casual game of ‘Hidden Catch’? And who’d have thought a music video would actually feature a little game like this. Happy… View Post

I think music is a great way to remember moments in your life and how you felt back then. Be it really epic or kind of sad, it’s a powerful way to connect with… well,… View Post

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