Second part of my London trip. I’ve been putting all my mind and energy to studying and jotting down stuff for my papers which are due Monday. But here I am, procrastinating, I had no peace until I showed you guys some of the things I saw over at the British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Harrods and during the rest of my stay on day 3 in London.

All of these and the coming few pictures are over at the British Museum. While I’ve been to London before, I never have gotten around visiting this huge and immensely popular place. We had a very interesting talk about the results of the visitor research inside the British Museum. Very unusual findings that changed my view a bit of the museums in London, in a positive way.

After the talk we got some time to check out the museum on our own. A classmate/dear friend and I decided to check out the ‘most important’ things on the ground floor and then just work our way from the top floor (Japan section) to downstairs again. Unfortunately the Korea section was closed, but led to an interesting little paper in the lift.

I thought it was so polite of the museum that they put the information up in Korean, but it made me think too… this might have started a whole thing in my head, it’s possible that I might have been putting too much thought in this.

The one with the pills might confuse you, but if you’re ever near the British Museum and you don’t know this yet I suggest you go check it out. It’s not gorgeous, but it’s kind of brilliant: from Cradle to Grave. It’s a very, very long display with all the pills/medicine a person takes (is possible to take?) in their lifetime. I thought it was brilliant, definitely worth a look!

National Portrait Gallery is a strange place to be, when you’re not British. I actually thought I knew some of the famous people over there, but there’s really not a chance I knew over 10 percent of everyone displayed there. Probably has to do that there was way too much stuff with the Tudors going on and I couldn’t find Jane Austen who supposedly is presented too. Our group tried a bit of the ‘Campaign for Drawing’, we were assigned to not look at the paper and just at the object we were meant to be drawing. I suggest you guys try it sometime, it changes your perspective a bit.

Harrods was already getting ready for Christmas again, it reminded me a bit of last year. And as my little tradition seems to go: my visit to the Harrods Food Halls and Ladurée weren’t out of the question. Of course I got myself two cupcakes this time… and a lovely box of macarons. I know I keep telling how I would like Ladurée to come to Amsterdam… but it would definitely make me fat and homeless. Yikes! Their stuff is so expensive TT_TT

More next time, have great weekend folks!

This past week was the last week of my summer holidays. It was the first time I had absolutely no plans at all concerning going away on a trip. Doing what I’ve been doing all summer (working?) without setting foot in a foreign country was a bit sad to me.

So I was over the moon when my dear friend and travelbuddy which whom I conquered the mainland of Europe last year, and with whom I got to explore Brussels with agreed to explore Antwerp with me on this exceptionally bright summer day.

While I’m still thinking of something witty to say, I will tell you about our day. The goals we had weren’t very ambitious so we happily strolled around and did it all: stop by Ladurée for macarons, sightsee the city a bit and see the Schelde river, get some moules frites, eat a waffle, drink a Belgian beer and… catch up. My friend and I hadn’t seen each other since the beginning of the year when she left to study in France.

We found the most wonderful bookshop called Othello which had wonderful, witty books on life, a corner with delirious good cookbooks, fancy postcards and all the children’s books I hoped to read when I was a kid (and still hope to get my hands on now). The interior of the bookstore was amazing, featuring neat Tintin books, black and red lamps, large long tables with books and a very friendly cashier with cool hair. – I agree buying books online is way less a hassle and sometimes cheaper, but bookstores like this always hold special place in my heart.

Why, you ask? Why I went to Antwerp all of a sudden? Well, that’s easy. I’ve never been, I had a free day, and the train ticket was only 7,80 euros (= cheap). I think the pictures tell more than enough, we had a wonderful time and ate, once again, way more than necessary. But that’s ok, because really… look at it.

Excuse the excessive amount of pictures, I figured if I didn’t post them now I probably won’t get around it later when uni starts and I won’t look at them so much anymore.

As promised now I got my battery charged: Yokiyo!

A little time ago I finally got to try out something new I’ve been wanting to try for ages. Korean restaurants are slowly sipping into the scene in Amsterdam, as is Korean BBQ. And I found quite the neat little place to go, the thing is, to be able to eat at a BBQ table at Yokiyo you should eat with four, so I thought of a good reason and got some adventurous family to tag along. Because, of course I wanted to use the BBQ table.

The atmosphere at Yokiyo was very relaxed and light. The interiors of the rooms were quite rad, original wooden panels and tiles mixed together with pastel colours, you can grasp it a bit over at their website.

The menu at Yokiyo isn’t really big, it’s all just on one piece of paper, but that’s good. There is enough to pick from as an noob to Korean cuisine, but seeing so many Asian visitors I think it’s good enough for experts as well. The BBQ menu is 19.50 eu, which is pretty affordable knowing you get to chose different meats/things for on the BBQ, lots of banchans (delicious side dishes like kimchi) and unlimited rice and cabbage. Since we sat at the BBQ with four, we had four different types of meat and just shared the whole thing.

Drinks were pretty OK too, we had to wait a bit before we were seated and while we waited I chose their homemade icetea (which was good, even having a ginger flavour that I usually despise) [ 2.- eu] . At the table we ordered a pot of Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) [ 7.50 eu ], which was really neat.

Since we all had pretty much the same we split the bill in four, which led that we all ate for around 25 eu a person. And we all ate pretty much too, so I’m definitely in for a second time. Maybe even a third.

I didn’t plan this to be this sort of review, but I really enjoyed the place.

Back in the days, they said Birthdays and Christmas were the best days of the year. And I still can’t really say they were wrong. On my (early) birthday I served my guests all home-made meringue-raspberry pie and a healthy meal of Japanese food. Although the pie looks a bit puffy, it was magic. – Just fyi, this is a post containing pretty much only food.

In less than a week it’s my 21st birthday, but my family and I decided to celebrate early since this weekend was the only moment every one of us had some time off to come together. I was yearning for some healthy, light summer food, so I decided to go for at least some soba and edamame. It was my first time making gyoza, the recipe I got from ‘Cooking with Dog‘. The recipe for the tempura batter was from the ever brilliant ‘Just one Cookbook‘.

I’m still not too sure what to do on my birthday, but the suggestions I got from you guys sound pretty darn good. The weather is bipolar these days, but I will definitely celebrate accordingly. Have a great Sunday / week!

Alrighty guys! Another year of blogging has passed last week, and what’s better then a celebration with cake?
I went with my fellow-foodaholic-friend Laurinde (from last year too, teehee) to the 9 streets in Amsterdam just to eat. – A screen-filling picture of cake is a must, ehr… duh!

I think this blog has changed over the year, I’m not quite sure what happened, but it feels ok. As for myself, I have changed a lot as did my life. Which I am sure is a good thing, but things did get a lot more hectic. It made me realize, making this point that I’m going to figure out what I think is really important in life. I will get back to you about that next year, har har.

Foodporn much? We had lunch at Nielsen (website), which is our latest find. They seem to be popular because of their clubsandwiches but because we both were almost not hungry anymore because we were so hungry we just took one of their specialty dishes, Lau took something chickeny-avocado-bacon and I took the B.L.T. best choice of my life. If I were to make an Amsterdam guide, this place would be in it. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, affordable prices, just all good.

And then, Pompadour (website). We went here a few weeks ago after we checked out the new Rijksmuseum that recently opened. Just out of nowhere we walked past a pile of beautifully shaped meringues, and man… so good. It’s not cheap (rather expensive really) but this is the best cake place in Amsterdam in my opinion. Not just because the cake is really (!!!) good, their tearoom is decorated with original wood panelling and upholstered walls, a bit 19th century-like. Really cool. Even though it’s fancy, you get a homely vibe because the staff is super friendly.

We stumbled across the book market at Spui, so many lovely second hand books and great pictures to hang on your wall. SPEAKING OF WHICH, I’m moving this weekend! After having lived 2 years on the same place, I found a great place for myself and only myself. No more dirty dishes or gross toilet because of flatmates.

And these are the most random photos I made. Kitties and bowties in the same picture just seemed good to me. And that card… well… I should’ve bought it right?

Thank you everybody for staying with me. I really appreciate it a lot (like a lot, a lot), I never thought my life would interest a hundred people (I have a hundred followers now, thank you guys!!).