Second part of my London trip. I’ve been putting all my mind and energy to studying and jotting down stuff for my papers which are due Monday. But here I am, procrastinating, I had no… View Post

It’s been a while, maybe even the first time that I talk about a game on here. Machinarium is quite famous already, because it’s known as the best and most beautiful point-and-click game in years.… View Post

Artwork by Yoshinori MizutaniYou know, I thought it was time to put some artwork on this blog. It’s been too long. I found out about this photographer via Tumblr. Which was a miracle because January… View Post

Finally, some real Christmas spirit on this little blog of mine. While I was in London I have mainly been shopping, eating and watching things. When I say things, I mean people (especially seeing them… View Post

By Yasuyoshi ChibaI recently visited the World Press Photo exhibition in Amsterdam located in the ‘Nieuw Kerk’. I’ve visited the exhibition in the last two years, but I was very impressed by the bunch of… View Post

I find these pictures amazing, found on ‘Huhuren9’s flickr photostream. These were made with a Rolleiflex, I absolutely adore the light in these. The feelings I get from them are simple and light, I love… View Post

I just had to share this video by The Economist with you guys. I find it so inspiring how people can use last year’s disaster as an inspiration of new art. How the artists are… View Post

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