One of my favourite social media is Instagram. I don’t care so much for Facebook or Twitter, but Instagram is lovely. I follow a great bunch of awesome people (quite a lot of you guys!) who make me really happy when I’m scrolling through my feed when I’ve just woken up, or when I’m in public transport during rush hour.
Only recently I’ve started the #100happydays challenge. You may or may not be familiar with it already, but in case you were wondering… that’s why I have been instagrammin’ for the last 10 days…every single day. And I’ll only be done by the time I have my final exam of the semester! Here are a few out-takes.

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Lately I realised life has been blurring past me. And I feel like I have been neglecting my thoughts, my blog and a lot of my (online) friends. I realised my life is in my own hands, and “duhhhh” of course it is. I’ve started to become a lot more conscious of my being and where I’m heading. It’s been keeping me busy, so I’m reconsidering my priorities as well these days. And you know, when life gives you lemons…

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This is the latest find on brilliant artistry that I’ve been raving over so, so much. Frenchman living in NYC, Franck Bohbot, has been around for quite a while, but only since his Louvre series got attention on the internet last month I got acquainted with his work. I’ve been horribly intrigued by his theatre series. On his website he showcases his photography series and portraits that you just have to check out. Here is a tiny little teaser from his theatre-shots.

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This past week was the last week of my summer holidays. It was the first time I had absolutely no plans at all concerning going away on a trip. Doing what I’ve been doing all summer (working?) without setting foot in a foreign country was a bit sad to me.

So I was over the moon when my dear friend and travelbuddy which whom I conquered the mainland of Europe last year, and with whom I got to explore Brussels with agreed to explore Antwerp with me on this exceptionally bright summer day.

While I’m still thinking of something witty to say, I will tell you about our day. The goals we had weren’t very ambitious so we happily strolled around and did it all: stop by Ladurée for macarons, sightsee the city a bit and see the Schelde river, get some moules frites, eat a waffle, drink a Belgian beer and… catch up. My friend and I hadn’t seen each other since the beginning of the year when she left to study in France.

We found the most wonderful bookshop called Othello which had wonderful, witty books on life, a corner with delirious good cookbooks, fancy postcards and all the children’s books I hoped to read when I was a kid (and still hope to get my hands on now). The interior of the bookstore was amazing, featuring neat Tintin books, black and red lamps, large long tables with books and a very friendly cashier with cool hair. – I agree buying books online is way less a hassle and sometimes cheaper, but bookstores like this always hold special place in my heart.

Why, you ask? Why I went to Antwerp all of a sudden? Well, that’s easy. I’ve never been, I had a free day, and the train ticket was only 7,80 euros (= cheap). I think the pictures tell more than enough, we had a wonderful time and ate, once again, way more than necessary. But that’s ok, because really… look at it.

Excuse the excessive amount of pictures, I figured if I didn’t post them now I probably won’t get around it later when uni starts and I won’t look at them so much anymore.