10 things about me (entertainment edition)

The Wind Rises (2013)

The Wind Rises (2013)

I kind of stole this one from Tannya’s blog (with blog-title and all!). I don’t think I’ve ever made such a lengthy and personal post, but it was so much fun to stand still and realise just what sort and how much I like entertainment in this moment in life. It sure felt a little self-centred, but hey! It’s good to become aware of the things we like to do every now and then. Just as a little heads up: it’s a very long post and if you were somehow under the impression I was a high-brow-sort-of-person, think again… hehee~


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Day 19: On Selfcompassion (when travelling alone)

be kind to yourself

Travelling alone teaches you a great deal. I think I thought a little too lightly of travelling alone when I was scheming this trip. Because, fair enough, I would be volunteering quite some bit of my time. I would help out with work and stay at peoples homes or hostels – surrounded by people. But there are all those days and weeks – and hours really – in between where I’m totally and utterly with myself. And the only one who really has to deal with that, is me.


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2016, Resolutions: the ‘new year new me’ nonsense


2015 has been a year of some pretty good highs in a general state of low, if I may be so blunt. While staying on the grind I visited my friend in Copenhagen at the beginning of the year, went to Paris for a weekend in spring for the Studio Ghibli exhibit, worked on some pretty nice exhibitions when I was interning, visited the beach numerous times spontaneously, finished my thesis and graduated, saw Sufjan Stevens perform live (and dozed off for a couple of magical seconds there), had a wonderful trip to Vilnius…and pretty much stayed employed throughout the year. I know I can feel proud, but I sort of don’t really?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what I’d like to change in the coming year. 2015 just wasn’t really my year I guess. Here are my three resolutions to make 2016 more my kind of year.

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Christmas came early

recent splurge

I have a bit of a confession to make… I bought myself a little something for Christmas this year. And I did it a month before Christmas, because Christmas can’t come soon enough, eh?

No doubt there are folk out there who really love their cameras, just like me. But sometimes carrying around an big slr, an old film camera with spare film, or whatever, is a bit of a hassle. So after a long debate with myself mostly, I decided to just go for it. The little compact camera that fits in my pocket. The Canon S120 has been around for quite some time now, but is still celebrated for its capacities. It’s small and has a lot to offer. That was kind of what I was looking for. Also, a not-too-steep (aka cheap) price-tag had to be on it too. And here it is.

I already took it with me this past weekend and I am very chuffed so far. Of course it’s not dslr quality, nor would it probably really compare to a mirrorless camera… but it’s just a lovely thing to carry around and not have any excuses not to take a picture. Sure, I have a phone with a camera… but it’s no fun. I want something a little more manual and sturdy. Also, I don’t want to see and read all those e-mails and messages when I want to take a picture.

I know you guys don’t need any convincing… I just wanted to explain myself – maybe mainly for future reference when I kick myself if I can’t pay the rent or something, hehe!


August Schmaugust: the end of summer


Hello again! Here you see three happy siblings, just munching away the remainders of the dessert we had (vanilla icecream and anko – omnomnom) on the joyous day my brother officially became a doctor. That’s my sister, me and my brother. Whew, I kind of fell of the face of the earth for a while there, didn’t I? But now that summer is coming to an end and my one-week-break has finally begun I decided I should get back into blogging and sharing the things I like and love.

It’s always a little daunting, especially since I’ve been trying to get ‘back into blogging’ probably since the start of this year. Life has been in the way and I finally feel, now with the approaching of autumn, that I need to get more creative. And I really want to as well.

It’s always the start of September that makes me want to begin again, more so than January when we are ‘pressured’ into making our new year bigger and better and make all kind of resolutions that never really stick. It’s autumn when all the leaves turn brown, when we curl up on the couch again with a blanket. A cat. A cup of tea. Anything that warms the soul. I feel like I’m getting earlier and earlier each year on the blog, but it’s also autumn that I allow myself again to start getting excited for Christmastime. (DID I JUST MENTION CHRISTMAS AT THE BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER!?) And even though, surely, I am not really getting excited for actual Christmas, it’s just the changing colours of nature and the bipolar weather and the sunsets in autumn that make me love autumn so much.

Summer has been fun. It’s been hot. It’s been loads of work and quite some play (more on that later!). But now I feel the urge to blog again. The urge to make something again. And take time for it. Actual time. So here’s a heads up. Let’s hope I can stick with it!

In the mean time, I’d like to share a few things: Troye Sivan’s Wild, Joe Hisaishi 25 years Ghibli, Amanda Seyfried & Finn.

An afternoon in Kyoto | Japan Series part VI

kyoto sign

After taking my first solo ride on the Shinkansen in Tokyo, I arrived in Kyoto around midday. It was hot and even though I’d thoroughly studied the map and the place my hotel should be – I was a bit lost. Rolling my slightly too large and maybe already too heavy suitcase over the pavement after asking a lovely lady at the information desk of the station, I found the hotel within minutes. Since I was staying for only one night I opted for cheap and near the station. I’ve been discovering Kyoto 10 years ago with my family, so now I decided I’d only come here to see my long time friend who’ve I met through the internet. This little break in Kyoto also meant the first half of my trip was almost done (yeah that’s right, months later I’m still not processing even half of my pictures!)

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dear friends,

recently on instagram

Inspired by the beautiful Elbow song, and the ending of my internship I found a bit of courage (and time) (and energy) to say hi, I’m still alive (much alike my last blog, yeah…). Tomorrow is my last day as an intern. Next week are the deadlines of my final uni-work, one of which is my thesis. Gahhhh, I don’t want to talk about it.

By the end of June I will know whether or not I will graduate this summer – and graduate. Or whether I am a bit of a fail and my graduation will take place during fall. And so this marks another tricky time in the life of a nobody in the modern world. Also, don’t really want to talk about that.

While typing this up, as you might have guessed by now, I’m not really in the right head-space to be blogging. To be doing anything else but finishing up uni-stuff until I collapse/the stuff is due (I’m so good at parties recently, you know – har har). But right now – while listening to that gorgeous Elbow song – I am looking up to a beautiful, pre-sundown blue spring sky. The one with the cloudy white stripes from planes. And I realise feel content. It’s also in times like this that we need to just look at the little things – and enjoy them. No matter how stressed out we are.

I hope spring has been good to you this year. I’d love to catch up with you again soon. How are you?
Lots of love,

Watermelon Time

Because sometimes you don’t need a profound message and soothing melodies, but fun lyrics and a bloody brilliant music video. I don’t know if Tom Rosenthal is or isn’t hipster according to your tastes, but I decided I don’t care. So yes, this is my current jam and I just couldn’t keep this from you.

Be good, be safe, and I hope you have a good week!

New Year, New Habits: 一期一会


It’s the sixth of January, a whole week of the new year has passed and I thought it’d be time for me to talk a bit about my new rules/resolutions for the new year. The coming of a new year always feels like pressure to me. “This year I will…[fill in along the lines of doing something marvellous]” – And this year especially I feel that kind of pressure. Graduation is creeping upon me and I need to make decisions on whether or not I want to do a masters degree, and if not what will I do? Where will I move? Where will I work? What the fuck do I want to do now?

So I decided, just to not delve into those things too deep and not make myself too anxious, I’d just make myself 3 resolutions, rules, new habits: whatever you want to call them. When everything around you is changing, a bit of structure might be just what you need.

#01: Read More
#02: Meal Planning
#03: Take a Break

But then I thought, what the fuck Louise, really? Aren’t you going to really challenge yourself to make more good habits. Before you think I’m going mad, I will explain why I chose these three things, and why I have changed my mind, even just a little bit.

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A Little Thanksgiving

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Hello friends! – While I was writing my Christmas cards, sipping of my glass of red wine, and listening to The Police I thought: why not? And with that I can only mean, giving thanks on this very special day the Americans call Thanksgiving. A little list of people and things I want to say thanks to/for. I think being grateful can be the start for happiness, or something along those lines.

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MIA (announcement)


Hi friends! Yes, I’m still alive. But yeah, now I’m kind of leaving you hanging for a few weeks. I’ll be in Tokyo and Hiroshima for the larger part of my trip. Mind you, it’s all for research purposes, but you betcha I’m catching up with friends and family (and going crazy with the kaitenzushi). – Of course I used my little anti-stress travel list, and after a bit of a freak-out on the passport validity front: all is well now. Or at least, for now… I think I’ll be able to think properly again once I’ve set foot on Japanese ground. ;)

Be good, keep safe, and until soon!

The Instagram Diaries #4

My life recently, according to Instagram. Summer is getting to a close, and Autumn in slowly taking over. I can’t help but feel a bit melancholic yet content. There’s something soothing in the changing of seasons.

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Animal - Muppets

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty two….!! Yeah, didn’t really plan on using Taylor Swift there, but it’s just too easy! (and a bit less depressive than Lily Allen‘s 22, isn’t it?) Maybe I should just share my Grooveshark work-in-progress summer playlist with you guys to make this an actual festive and happy message. Birthdays are getting weird guys – all I can (or want to) think of is cake and don’t care so much about the rest. Or just, try not to maybe? Like, getting fat or cleaning up the mess or other stupid problems I don’t even want to think about – maybe this is the ‘growing up’ part everyone is always talking about!?

Aaaaaanyway, have a good weekend~!

On life and dreams: finding where I stand


So the last couple of weeks it’s been quiet around these parts. My apologies. My holiday was just what I needed and then my year at uni ended and I worked a lot in the bookshop and, well, life happened. Above you can see the view I had from my place in Germany. I’ve been debating to put this up or not, but I decided to go for it anyway. Though this post might be a downer for you, or at least a bit of a soul-searchy one I think we should never lose sight of the beauty life brings. More of the pictures of the trip will be up soon.

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To the better days!


Hello friends! Currently I am sitting on a cutesy little balcony with a stunning view over the Mosel-river in Germany. Last Saturday my blog passed its third anniversary, summer officially started and it also happened to be the ending of my #100happydays on Instagram. Being the nostalgic person I am, I made a little compilation to celebrate my 100 not-always-so-happy-but-still-happy days and share the fun and happy. I hope you can approve! ;-)

The blogoversary won’t go by unnoticed but I feel like celebrating another time. Currently I am going by just well on this little mini break with my friend to hakuna our tata’s.

Be good, be safe and aufwiederschnitzel! Until soon! xx

A new start


So yes, hi there! Sorry I dropped off a little while ago. I had summer weather, and work, and uni stuff and some more uni stuff (exams + thesis proposals = stressing out). And well, I decided I wanted to do something different from now on. I got myself a domain and I switched to WordPress! Oh me, oh my… Change is good!

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April: Stress Awareness Month (part 1)

Up to a week ago, I’ve actually never heard of this. To be honest with you, I’m not very up to date with all these days and months… It was only because of Tumblr I knew it was Earth Day a couple days back. Tumblr!! But that being said I thought I’d write (rant!) a little thing or two on this stress awareness thing. But do know this is no cry for help or anything, I’m doing better and better myself so I just want to raise a little awareness to how severe stress can be.

Fancyprancy: Perfume

Sometimes I am a nightmare. I know. I hereby apologise to my friends and family and people who get to experience me on a frequent basis. And this is partly because I easily get pounding headaches and I smell everything. This is not such good advertising for myself, but if we are on a friendly basis and I get a bit comfortable around you, I will let you know when for example your nail-polish or your shoes/feet are smelly. I’m sorry again… but isn’t it for the best? I mean, it’s like telling someone (in private of course) there is some lipstick on their teeth. (Do let me know though, do you tell people they have something on their teeth, etc, or do you consider it a rude thing to do?)
Now this was not exactly what I was trying to talk about, but now you know another little random fact about me. You must think, why Louise, are you talking about smelly things with these pictures of magic-in-a-bottle (aka. my favourite perfume)!? Well, there is only one answer: I was trying to show off this supercute tiny bottle of perfume I got with my Coco Mademoiselle eau de parfum last week, without sounding like a complete douchebag. It failed, but ISN’T IT A CUTIE!?

The Instagram Diaries #3 (the 100 happy days edition)

One of my favourite social media is Instagram. I don’t care so much for Facebook or Twitter, but Instagram is lovely. I follow a great bunch of awesome people (quite a lot of you guys!) who make me really happy when I’m scrolling through my feed when I’ve just woken up, or when I’m in public transport during rush hour.
Only recently I’ve started the #100happydays challenge. You may or may not be familiar with it already, but in case you were wondering… that’s why I have been instagrammin’ for the last 10 days…every single day. And I’ll only be done by the time I have my final exam of the semester! Here are a few out-takes.

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Award Season

No, I’m not talking about any kind of Oscars that took place a little week ago. Though I liked to see some of the highlights of it. I’m looking forward to watch Philomena! And Her! And… oh well, I need to watch a lot of films I guess. The Grand Budapest Hotel comes out in theatres tomorrow in Holland, yay!! But onto where I was going: The Cat, You and Us tagged me a little while ago (more like 2 months ago, sorry guys!!) with 2 tags (Sunshine blogger & Liebster) and kind of morphed it into one so… that’s what I’m going to do. And I dearly invite all of you to feel ‘tagged’ right now. I’ll put in some questions for you at the end!
The new rules that Dani and Damaris put up are the following: “Our new rules: We are going to explain 5 random facts about us for the Sunshine blogger and then we will be answering 5 questions (3 for the Liebster and 2 for the Sunshine). After that, we will end it tagging 5 of our favorite bloggers (for both awards!) asking them 5 of our own questions (be aware! ;P).”

On making a shit-ton of lemonade

Lately I realised life has been blurring past me. And I feel like I have been neglecting my thoughts, my blog and a lot of my (online) friends. I realised my life is in my own hands, and “duhhhh” of course it is. I’ve started to become a lot more conscious of my being and where I’m heading. It’s been keeping me busy, so I’m reconsidering my priorities as well these days. And you know, when life gives you lemons…

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2014, resolutions and things.

And here we are, 2014: a brand new, magical year with at least 365 more opportunities to seize. Last year I compiled a little list of rules for 2013, while the year had tested me thoroughly and made me stronger in a lot of ways I wanted to compile a good ol’ list of resolutions for the new year. No matter how bad I seem to be at keeping resolutions. They will be a little continuation of the rules.

Also I want to add a tiny little rule to this list: be more positive. Inside my head things can get pretty doom and gloom, but I want to keep myself more positive. Here’s where my blog comes in, I want to use this little place to put all things happy and inspiring in one place. A place for me to look back to certain moments in time and deal with myself. In a completely positive and non-judgemental way. I’m done judging myself harshly, those things belong to the past. New mantra: work hard, play hard. I may be a bit too optimistic, but whatever. 2014, let’s do this!


I’m extremely late with posting this photo. It was my sisters birthday cake, it has made an appearance on my blog since the very beginning. Every year around October 13 made dad (and usually me) goes all out with marzipan, cake and crème patissière or some other neat filling. Always according to a certain theme…this one was…Spring? Japan? Sakura? You get the idea.

There’s cake on here since I’ve got accepted to the minor I wanted so bad (!!!). Next semester it’s all about cross cultural business skills, waheeey!


On life and dreams #1

I think I’ll make this a thing, I’d like to motivate myself and the people around me a bit more to pursue their goals and dreams. I had a tiny little conversation with Janice Cui on Facebook the other day, you hardly could call it a conversation though. But it made me think. I’ve never really wanted to do something so bad that if I thought about it too much
(and probably a bit too intense), it would almost make me cry and I finally have found such a thing.

So here I am, motivating myself and hopefully you guys, every once in a while. Since this is a personal blog, I figured putting up notes everywhere in my apartment (yes, I kind of do that) can as well happen on my little space here.

Hope you had a good Monday!

A Weekend in the Country

Last weekend was kind of bliss. I haven’t visited my parents since the end of summerholidays so it was pretty nice to see them and my brother and sister again this weekend. I’ve found out that I am quite attached to the internet, since there was no wifi available in my parents new temporary home. To be honest, that actually made our weekend better, missing out on this crazy, crazy world we live in…

Tomorrow it’s Octbober and I’m very much looking forward to it. The end of the first half of my semester is getting closer, as is my studytrip to London (two weeks left!). I constantly feel like I’m nagging about life, but despite everything I am quite happy. Today I horribly failed my driving-test, and to just to make myself better I just ordered a new lens I’ve been eyeing for over a year now. By all means, I don’t have a lot to spend but since I’ve worked all summer I thought I could do it… finally.

Fall always makes me want to be thankful of things despite the bad things that happen. Bad things that I don’t discuss on this blog though, all of you should know the “you never know who might be reading”-feeling creeping on you. – Anyway, since my parents don’t have a donabe or other sukiyaki pan we had an improvised version since all of us were yearning for some sukiyaki this past weekend. Looks good though, right? We also walked the woods and got hot chocolate and coffee afterwards.

I may be the worst driver of my family, but I’m happy that I’m able to work on my ever expanding goals. Also, I’ve been figuring out what kind of minor and internship I’d like to do. Figuring these things out, ‘real life’ starts to come really close. Seriously thinking about what I’d like to do when I’m fully done studying scares the shit out of me with the economy here in Holland (and probably in other countries as well, or maybe worse).

Happy thoughts though, happy thoughts. I hope all you guys have a great week! Until soon!

Alice’s Cat

I like helping people out with their blogs, I really do. And not because I’m so good at blogging (har har, clearly not if you look at what I’ve been posting recently), but more because I really like to help people like their little space on the internet more and get them to be more creative themselves. I posted a similar post like this a couple of weeks ago, when I helped Irene with her blog. And now it’s another friend, who I’ve helped before too: Alice’s Cat.

Why you should check out her blog? Well, though updates are scarce… she recently moved to Denmark to do her master’s degree (so get ready for Denmark-related stuff). But also because her blog is really, very personal and lovely to read. Some of her previous posts include very motivational quotes and sayings. Oh and just check out that layout, if I may say so myself.

I always think “dang, why didn’t I think of that??” when I make a new style or design for other people’s blogs. And sure I think of it when making them, but it’s a very different way of creating. A layout says a lot about the person, especially when it’s a personal blog. It’s not all about what I find aesthetically pleasing myself. Yet I always succeed in doing so. Teehee!

Have a great weekend!

Being a Grown-up

Hello peoples of the internet, now I’ve been neglecting my blog and all the neat people I’ve been following (srsly, my bloglovin’ feed has over 100 unread posts, it’s depressing). September has brought lots of work for uni and well, I got a new job at a bookshop so spare time is so preciousssssss. Since moving to my own apartment and not going to visit my parents for some time now I feel like I’m becoming a ‘grown-up’. And that shit is weird.

Jenna Marbles expressed my feelings so eloquently (as she always does, the freaking genius) on being a grown-up. But especially that nineties-like music did the trick… now I’m constantly trying to sing the damn song (that’s not pretty with me being tone-deaf and not having Jenna’s fun voice).

Talking about growing up and ‘unpleasant’ things, something a lot more serious. Today I saw a man, a mail carrier to be exact, being molested in front of my flat. It was a terrifying thing to witness. Especially hearing the screams that attracted my attention. A good thing about my not-so-safe neighbourhood is that police isn’t that far away, so nothing really bad happened since they took the molester in custody. I felt really bad for the mail carrier though. :(

Have a great weekend everyone! Do good and be safe!

Don’t worry mom, I’m eating well. And I’m doing the dishes!!

The Instagram Diaries #2

My life recently, according to Instagram. It’s been a whirlwind, but it’s been pretty good.

1. went back to my lovely city Amsterdam for a job interview this week. 2. And I got hired so a little celebration was needed!
3. I’ve been digging into some old photoalbums recently, I used to be so cute. 4. I never seem to pack really light, lots to learn still.
5. Among other great artists, I saw Vampire Weekend live this summer (aw yeah)! 6. damn great wonton soup at a little Chinese place in Amsterdam.
7. a certain daily view with my current job at the mail. 8. late night car-rides while yelling along with Destiny’s Child and No Doubt.

Irene goes Korean

I helped out a friend today. You guys must all know my brother’s gf by now, Irene, the one that somehow always seems to be involved when there is food featured on this blog. The day is finally here, she made a blog. She made a travel blog in Dutch (unfortunately for non-Dutch speaking visitors) to let the world know about her adventures in Korea the coming semester (secretly we all hope she will continue blogging when she’s back home and she’ll share all her secret recipes to live a healthy life, teehee).

I shared a bit of my nerd-wisdom on HTML & Photoshop with her, and fixed her layout so it is looking a bit more slick. Luckily, she’s happy with the result so I’m relieved. Please do visit her blog: Irene goes Korean, if you’ve got the time. The title is inspired by the Jamie Oliver cookbooks titled “Jamie goes Italian”, pretty rad huh?

There’s not much on yet, but August 27 the adventure begins! (And so does my jealousy, I mean three months of undisturbed peace while eating kimchi and kimbap!!! Oh and studying, of course.) Have fun Irene, take lots of pictures!

The Instagram Diaries #1

Well let’s jump the bandwagon. My life lately, according to Instagram. I haven’t done an instagram-only post before, so I thought it’d be nice to put some older ones too.

1. Driving to my parents after a long day of moving. 2. Cake at Pompadour for my blog celebration. 3. Who am I kidding, I love food! This was at Wagamama. 4. First edition of Best Kept Secret festival, was awesome. 5. Lunch at one of my fave lunch places in Amsterdam. 6. Berlin at Judisches Museum. 7. The view from the room from where I made my first real exhibition ever. 8. I love edamame and dorayaki too much.

By the way, this might be way too late to mention but don’t forget to follow me through Bloglovin’!
Have a good day!

A taste of spring

I passed my final test so I won’t be kicked off uni!!! Woooooooooooot! Also, yesterday I bought my ticket to Best Kept Secret (check that cute line-up. Mikhael Paskalev + Sigur Ros = !!!)

Also, I’ve seen Cloud Atlas yesterday. It was pretty darn nice. It took 172 minutes, which makes it immediately the longest movie I’ve ever seen, apart from that stupid Titanic movie. It was nice seeing actors like Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant in supporting roles, they did it most brilliantly. Also, more good news: my friend and I are planning a short, low budget roadtrip this summer. Bring it, summer! (or, spring… as there is still snow on the ground these days)

With a good-news-post, cake is required.

liebster award

The lovely and talented Kimberley (Kimi) from the quiet lion has ‘given’ me the Liebster Award. A nice initiative to discover unknown little treasures on the interwebs.

The rules are as following:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer.
3. Choose 11 people (who have less than 200 followers) and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.

11 things about me:
1. I have no idea what to tell people when I get these sorts of awards. I always wonder what people would want to know about me.
2. My favourite author ever has to be Haruki Murakami, I especially like his short stories.
3. I have a very sensitive nose, I kind of smell everything… which can be really annoying.
4. My favorite TV shows are Community and Sherlock. And I’m an avid BBC detectives / Agatha Christie viewer (Poirot, Miss Marple).
5. I used to be very active, ballet, gymnastics, cycling… but all I ever do now is pilates. Something that auto-correct considers wrongly spelled.
6. I am a massive fan of Audrey Hepburn and of Studio Ghibli. Those are the only DVDs I really ‘collect’.
7. I love the smell of coffee, but I dislike the taste of it. Therefore I usually drink white (pai mu tan) or green tea.
8. My fears are ranging from big spiders, to my student loan, to failure and to clowns. I guess those things do actually keep me awake at night.
9. I still watch cartoons on TV if I got the time (think Spongebob), I always loved shows like ‘As Told By Ginger’ and ‘Hey Arnold!’.
10. I think happiness is a choice and a state of mind. I also am a firm believer in God and in positive thinking.
11. I’m busy trying to pursue my dreams, but I’m still figuring out what my dreams are. I often make things hard for myself because I think too much.

The questions from Kimberly:
1. what is your middle name?
Trudy, don’t laugh. It’s after my grandmother.

2. if you were an animal, what would you be?
Maybe a owl or an elephant, I think their ‘traits’ suit my personality…a bit. And I think those are really awesome too.

3. what is your favourite movie?
Though one, probably Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Yellow Submarine.

4. do you have any siblings?
Yes, I have an older brother and sister. My brother studies to be a doctor, and my sister is into international relations / politics etc. They’re both quite ambitious which sets my bar high (which I know is ridiculous, but that’s how I feel).

5. what is the reason behind your blog name?
00:23am is what my alarm clock showed me when I decided to continue blogging. I guess it’s actually that easy… and maybe some philosophical stuff like insomnia, thinking to much, the role time place in my life, etc. I’m not too sure yet.

6. what is your least favourite food?
White asparagus…and spicy food. I eat pretty much everything else.

7. if you were a superhero, what would your secret powers be?
De-smelling this stinky world, for sure. Or I will be like the ghost of Christmas present, that would be lovely.

8. what is your favourite genre of music?
I can’t really put it into one genre I think, I like indie, classical and jazz music most though.

9. if you were to write a biography, what would the book title be called?
The girl who sneezed. Something ridiculous probably, or maybe it would just be my name. I’m far too good at coming up with corny catch phrases.

10. how are you feeling today?
Stressed out and content. I feel like going on a long walk right now.

11. what is your biggest dream that you hope to achieve?
To be any years from now and honestly say that I’m happy.

My questions for those I nominate:
1. What book do you consider has changed your way of thinking?
2. What’s your favourite day of the year?
3. Where would you like to be in 5 years?
4. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
5. On your list of things you want to have, but cannot buy, what is on number 1?
6. What is your favourite era in history?
7. Name your all-time favourite Christmas song, and tell me why.
8. What do you like for breakfast?
9. What has been the best memory of this year so far for you?
10. What would you do if you just won the lottery and won a massive amount of money?
11. What always makes you happy?

My nominated blogs:
S. Louise: adventures from an awesome girl from South Korea with great ideas and inspiration.
This is Xixia: a darling blog full of inspiration, food and fashion.
My Unpredictable: one of my favorite blogs, her photography is wonderful and clean and nice.
Farrah’s Muse: a cute lifestyle blog of a girl in NYC (food photgraphy, heck yes!)
Whimxy: I love what she has going on there, pretty clothes, mouthwatering food and fun photography.
Your Pocket Full Of Sunshine: part inspiration and part happiness. Very cute blog.
Little Henry Lee: It surprised me she hasn’t hit the 200 followers count on blogger. Her photography is just simply epic. As is her style.

These are at least 7 blogs I would like people to know about. Make sure to check them out. (As you need to check out Kimi’s blog). – And now I’ve been procrastinating again it’s time for me to go studying again.

Ladurée magazine

Hello all you people and fellow hiatus friends. I’m back, but only for now since I’m leaving Sunday by train to conquer Europe. (aka. inter-railing, whoo!!) I’m here with an announcement, and a bit of a request. I’m not too sure when this wonderful magazine will enter the shops, Ladurée x Tokyo = me drooling and slightly turning insane. So if any of you come across a copy and think I might like it, please let me know and send me one. (just send me an email, we’ll figure things out). I might get a copy of my own when I visit Zurich and find the Ladurée situated there, but it’s just that I don’t want to miss this. Or of course, just get one of your own and tease me with saying you have one and luuuuuurrve it.

Either way, it’s awesome. I think it’s a great initiative. But I really do wonder what kind of articles they will cover. And if it’s actually a nice magazine, or just a lot of press-stuff. Then again, if you happen to get your hands on one of these, let me know. I’m dying to know, trust me… I am. (I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THAT DARN COVER!?)

(Edit (23-09-2012): my friend in London saw the magazine on sale in the Harrods shop, so I guess they’re actually on sale right now. The price is around 7,50 euros, or 10 pounds)

Summer Holiday Movie Challenge

I never have done a challenge before. I mean, not online. So the coming 2 months I will take time for one. I know a 30 day challenge needs to take only 30 days, but I will cheat and watch at least 30 movies before the start of my new year (September 3rd). Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

1. Vivre Sa Vie (1962)
2. Kiseki (2011)
3. Spellbound (1945)
4. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel(2011)
5. From Up on Poppy Hill (2011)
6. The Pianist (2002)
7. The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)
8. Porco Rosso (1992)
9. Masculin Féminin (1966)
10. Arabesque (1966)
11. Blue Valentine (2010)
12. Dialogue Avec Mon Jardinier (2007)
13. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011)
14. Je Vais Bien, Ne T’en Fais Pas (2006)
15. Hannah and her Sisters (1986)
16. Drive (2011)
17. Kari-gurashi no Arietti(2010)
18. Albatross (2011)
19. Fight Club (1999)
20. Say Anything (1989)
21. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)
22. Elephant (2003)
23. Volver (2006)
24. Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)
25. Nacho Libre (2006)
26. L’Année Dernière à Marienbad (1961)
27. Thelma and Louise (1991)
28. The Big Lebowski (1998)
29. Bande a Part (1964)
30. I Lived, But… (1983)

This list contains a lot of movies I keep telling myself to watch. I mean, The Pianist? The Big Lebowski? Hannah and her Sisters? Why on earth haven’t I seen them before? If you have any suggestions for me to watch after this, or instead of anything on this list… do tell me.

00:23am – The One Year Anniversary

It’s that time of year, june 21st! The longest day of the year, and also the first anniversary day of this little blog of mine. Shown above is the first photo of… me in this blog… ever. (So, hi everybody! This is me.) I’m not a photogenic person…Even though, yesterday I sort-of celebrated with my friend. She wore such a pretty mint-dress! We got our butts over to a recently discovered Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam. (Issa) And hell yes, we will definitely return to that place. Just look at my face, I look like a six year old discovering a new theme park. (yes I’m left, with that wicked smile and awkward pose, for those who don’t know how those kids look like).

Anyway, I’m glad. This is the first time I’ve been blogging a whole year, and I’m planning to stay here. I was planning to do something of a give-away… but I don’t really seem to know what to give away, hehe. I’m sorry. Anyway, I hope you’re with me for another year!

figuring it all out, or: a letter to myself

So, it’s been a year. Well, almost. A year of blogging on this little place on the wondrous blogosphere. I think it’s time for some serious talking about what I want to do, and where I want to go from here. To give you a heads up, just so you know, this is that post where I get all soul-searchy and weird. Where I remember what this is about and where I will resolve my upcoming ways of blogging.

I started using the internet as a creative outlet a long, long time ago. Before puberty started terrorizing my life. Since that day, I’ve always like that idea “a creative outlet”. First to improve my ‘design skillzz’ (yes I was such a person), later to blabber away about my wicked life. Every time on a new blog or host. Because I like change. Recently I just once in a while show a sign of life here and share all sorts of photos. This year (august 2nd) I will reach the age of twenty and I will no longer be an ‘official teenager’. So I guess it’s only natural for me to stand still and look back on my past 10 years and make a big sigh. Right…? I as a human being have been undergoing some changes in the last few years. Which is only natural since it’s puberty and high school and choosing a college. My quest to find out what I really like, and what I really want, and what actually really matters in life is going ok so far. It will take a lot of time before I will be done studying and actually get a place in this world. But I don’t mind, I like where I am standing right now.

I figured that as a blogger it’s even more natural to look back into my archives and reflect on everything I’ve done and question if what I’m doing is what I want to do. It took a while for me to realize it is. I like this. Sharing my life and photos with random (cool) people from all over the world. Even though, I think I will make some changes. I like things simple and orderly, even though I’m a messy person. (I’m working on that.) If I want to keep it personal and simple, I should keep it personal and simple. And I will. I guess. Both my blog and my life.

So maybe I’ll get more personal, or maybe I’ll be more distant. I know, I sound way too cheesy for my own good, but anyway, I want to have fun.

Like Thunder

These pictures are from today. When finally a storm hit, thunder and heavy rain. A shame it was over after 30 minutes already. It’s these signs of nature I love most. Have been watching at it with my flatmates. An amazing start of summer. And I really haven’t got those skills to photograph lightning… I’m such a slowpoke. (that last picture was the closest I got, hehe)

Spring has been great. This week it we’ve been struck by a heatwave, all 23°C and up the last couple of days. It’s so darn hot. (don’t say anything, people from over the world who cope with warmer days, shush!)

After the rain

Hurray, lucky me. Today is the first day of my week off! Yesterday night I arrived at my parents, after having a great day skipping school with a friend/classmate and jumping randomly on a train. (I recommend doing this sometime!) We ended up going to Schiphol, the international airport near Amsterdam. We went to the panorama terrace and kept seeing planes leave to far off places for an hour or so, while staying in the sun and eating hotdogs.

Today however started out raining heavily. When it suddenly stopped, I took my chance to walk the dog. So I got out and about on a little adventure and to snap some photos of flowers, the little signs of spring. I never knew my parents had a blossom in their garden, lucky me.

Monday morning I’ll be heading to the UK. I’ll escape the Queensday-craze, hurrah! Anyway, I’ll see you when I see you!

The arrival of April

Life restarts in spring. I love how the flowers and the trees start to bloom. My grandfather died today, and the last few weeks have been pretty tough. But good times are gonna come. They always are.

I made meringues today, just because I can. We’ll wait with eating the rest of them until my parents get home tonight, and we’ll drink some tea and we’ll be ok. We’ll always be.

I hope you’re well. Be good, be safe.

doodles and trying to be more creative…

In my new year’s resolutions I decided I wanted to be more creative. And I guess some of that is in drawing, doodling and making stupid sketches. Lucky me, I got sent a nice pen + sketch book from my friend Kana in Japan around Christmas time. It’s like she knew what I was thinking.

I actually think posting this is ridiculous… I am not a very skilled person in drawing and such, but I think it is fun. So here is my little piece for this week.

Have a great week! Be safe!

Note to self: improve handwriting

New Year, New Camera

To commemorate another year, to start with one of my resolutions (#???: be more creative), I thought I’d be a good idea to finally just buy the damn thing and get on with it. I have been thinking of purchasing the Fujifilm Instax for a long time, and I was so excited when it arrived at my doorstep this morning. Such a gorgeous camera.

Unwrapping the box was quite exciting to be honest. I love to unwrap new fancy things, everything was in Japanese, and it was all so sleek and pretty. I guess I have been looking forward to this camera much too long. I can’t wait to show pictures I’ve made. But I still haven’t shot the first one. I mean, it’s the first photo that’ll come out of it… (do I give it too much thought maybe?)

I got some fancy free cookie cutters from Lomograhpy too, in shapes of little lomo-cameras. Oi, I need to bake more…

New beginnings

I have to say, I was really jumping to start blogging again, but when I sat down to actually start I got blank. At “eat your teacup” I got reminded to something(s) vitally important in life and I think it would be nice to share it here, you know… in the first “real” blog on here.

Days seem to go by so fast this time of year. And I have so many nice things planned this week! But there is also so much happening. I am kind of lost right now. Quell vie, non?

I will be posting again at the beginning of next week. I hope you are having a great time yourself and have a nice day!