April is stress awareness month. I’ve been planning and planning — in my head — on how to incorporate that into my life and blog. I wanted to make a little something that would help me, and maybe any other person, to be more conscious of (my) time and life and energy. It’s been two years since I’ve put some thought into stress awareness month, and that was the last time I blogged about it. Isn’t that ironic, huh?

Another thing that has been a while, is pouring my soul into a blog again. The scarce Japan-blogs have a hint of that sparkle in there — only if that’s mostly because I felt a lot when I took the pictures during my travels in Japan. I want to make this work. Whatever this is. So bear with me… here is that little something. Maybe as an ode to stress-awareness and how it shouldn’t be just a month, but a continuous thing.

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The Wind Rises (2013)

The Wind Rises (2013)

I kind of stole this one from Tannya’s blog (with blog-title and all!). I don’t think I’ve ever made such a lengthy and personal post, but it was so much fun to stand still and realise just what sort and how much I like entertainment in this moment in life. It sure felt a little self-centred, but hey! It’s good to become aware of the things we like to do every now and then. Just as a little heads up: it’s a very long post and if you were somehow under the impression I was a high-brow-sort-of-person, think again… hehee~


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be kind to yourself

Travelling alone teaches you a great deal. I think I thought a little too lightly of travelling alone when I was scheming this trip. Because, fair enough, I would be volunteering quite some bit of my time. I would help out with work and stay at peoples homes or hostels – surrounded by people. But there are all those days and weeks – and hours really – in between where I’m totally and utterly with myself. And the only one who really has to deal with that, is me.


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2015 has been a year of some pretty good highs in a general state of low, if I may be so blunt. While staying on the grind I visited my friend in Copenhagen at the beginning of the year, went to Paris for a weekend in spring for the Studio Ghibli exhibit, worked on some pretty nice exhibitions when I was interning, visited the beach numerous times spontaneously, finished my thesis and graduated, saw Sufjan Stevens perform live (and dozed off for a couple of magical seconds there), had a wonderful trip to Vilnius…and pretty much stayed employed throughout the year. I know I can feel proud, but I sort of don’t really?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what I’d like to change in the coming year. 2015 just wasn’t really my year I guess. Here are my three resolutions to make 2016 more my kind of year.

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recent splurge

I have a bit of a confession to make… I bought myself a little something for Christmas this year. And I did it a month before Christmas, because Christmas can’t come soon enough, eh?

No doubt there are folk out there who really love their cameras, just like me. But sometimes carrying around an big slr, an old film camera with spare film, or whatever, is a bit of a hassle. So after a long debate with myself mostly, I decided to just go for it. The little compact camera that fits in my pocket. The Canon S120 has been around for quite some time now, but is still celebrated for its capacities. It’s small and has a lot to offer. That was kind of what I was looking for. Also, a not-too-steep (aka cheap) price-tag had to be on it too. And here it is.

I already took it with me this past weekend and I am very chuffed so far. Of course it’s not dslr quality, nor would it probably really compare to a mirrorless camera… but it’s just a lovely thing to carry around and not have any excuses not to take a picture. Sure, I have a phone with a camera… but it’s no fun. I want something a little more manual and sturdy. Also, I don’t want to see and read all those e-mails and messages when I want to take a picture.

I know you guys don’t need any convincing… I just wanted to explain myself – maybe mainly for future reference when I kick myself if I can’t pay the rent or something, hehe!