2015 has been a year of some pretty good highs in a general state of low, if I may be so blunt. While staying on the grind I visited my friend in Copenhagen at the… View Post

I love looking forward to Christmas. I dearly, dearly love looking forward to Christmas. One might actually say that I love looking forward to it more than Christmas itself. The trick is to look forward… View Post

Ok, so, since I promised not to dwell on those early Christmas feels (I promised – but I also realised that it does sound a bit craycray so early in the year) – I decided… View Post

Inspired by the beautiful Elbow song, and the ending of my internship I found a bit of courage (and time) (and energy) to say hi, I’m still alive (much alike my last blog, yeah…). Tomorrow is… View Post

Hi Friends! Me, oh my, it’s been too long again. Thank you for all your kinds words on my previous posts. I thought it’d be time for a little update on life and things. My… View Post

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