The lovely and talented Kimberley (Kimi) from the quiet lion has ‘given’ me the Liebster Award. A nice initiative to discover unknown little treasures on the interwebs. The rules are as following:1. Each person must… View Post

Last weekend was bliss, there was a party, there was a fireplace, there was a cat sitting on my lap, there was homemade pizza and there was another of those lovely walks through the forest… View Post

Hello! During my absence, it’s been over a week (oh no!), autumn has crept on us and lots of things have been happening. The leaves are turning into a fine golden-brown these days, it’s quite… View Post

Above picture is my view the past few days, I like the bokeh, and the dying flowers. I was at my parents’ (hurrah), and I had a very bad cold (boo). I still have a… View Post

These are some of my analogue pictures from autumn last year. I am yearning for the leaves to fall of the trees, for heavy storms while curling into a blanket inside, for hot chocolate, for… View Post

Today I realised that it’s all in my head. Within a few months everything will be different. So work hard and have fun.Yesterday I had a fun day procrastinating all the work I had to… View Post

Yes, it’s 3 weeks later already and I’m sitting at my parents place again, uploading the photos of my latest adventures through Europe onto my computer. How the time has flown. And yes, for those… View Post

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