Hej hej! It’s already midweek!! Something a bit new on the blog, I’m sharing my new favourite nail polish with you. I’m still figuring out if it’s just because of the colour that I really… View Post

Hello again! Here you see three happy siblings, just munching away the remainders of the dessert we had (vanilla icecream and anko – omnomnom) on the joyous day my brother officially became a doctor. That’s… View Post

My life recently, according to Instagram. Summer is getting to a close, and Autumn in slowly taking over. I can’t help but feel a bit melancholic yet content. There’s something soothing in the changing of… View Post

From this year on we don’t have a queensday anymore. Last year the queen (who is epically called ‘Beatrix’) stepped down from the throne and let her son give it a go. So a few… View Post

I was feeling a bit detached from myself and the world last week. As though everything was going up inside a giant void and life was just blurring past. What better remedy is there than… View Post

Sometimes I am a nightmare. I know. I hereby apologise to my friends and family and people who get to experience me on a frequent basis. And this is partly because I easily get pounding… View Post

One of my favourite social media is Instagram. I don’t care so much for Facebook or Twitter, but Instagram is lovely. I follow a great bunch of awesome people (quite a lot of you guys!)… View Post

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