A couple of years ago someone named David Gelb made a wonderful movie about a Japanese chef in Tokyo who had honed his skills to make mind-blowing sushi. The movie is called ‘Jiro Dreams of… View Post

Happy New Year, friends~! The new year has well and truly started so we can say again that this is going to be “our year” — whatever that may mean! Let’s talk resolutions! Challenges! Thoughts… View Post

Hello~! Christmas is done, time for another yearly recap on those pesky resolutions! 2017! What a year! I’d say utter shite on both personal- as world-scale. But hey, this time I try to keep it… View Post

Yas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I hope you get to celebrate with your near and dear. I hope you get to do every tradition you do at Christmas, or make new… View Post

Bedroom Crimes by Oren Lavie

What the what?! It’s a recipe!? Dear reader, how can I not? This recipe did not fail me on my first attempt! And I suck at baking cookies! It’s a Christmas miracle and I certainly… View Post

The end of the year draws near and I wanted to do a little, light-hearted reflection. Not going to lie, 2017 was a bitch. Therefore the light-heartedness was somewhat impossible to pull off. You know, something… View Post

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